Cause of Computer Viruses: Virus Removal Guide

I cover some of the reasons that may be the cause of Computer Viruses in a Step By Step video guide and how to remove Viruses. So this video also explains some of the effects of computer viruses. This segment will show how to avoid getting computer viruses because if you don’t know how to avoid them, you will keep getting them.

Causes of computer viruses are vast but in this video, I focus more on how the most vulnerable computer users are targeted with viruses. The people targeted are the easiest to con because they believe they’re dealing with a reputable company. We’ve all seen your Flashplayer needs updating, 356 drivers missing, fake ads but once you click on them nothing can save you.

Another cause of computer viruses is email attachments, so be very cautious if you don’t know the source. Email should be used for serious business because it’s safer.

Cause of Computer Viruses Video

This video has quality information that will be useful and help improve your entire computer experience. The people that enjoy their PC the most are because they are well informed, they know how to avoid trouble. As a result their computer runs faster and they have more fun because they use their computer more often. The end result is your safer when your informed, so be sure to checkout this video!

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Simple To Learn Computer Instructions: Step By Step Video Guide

simple to learn computer instructions page link,

The number one difficulty any computer tech has encountered is “Terminology” because the average computer user misses this very important information. Interesting enough it’s very basic need to know information that somehow even experienced users pass over.

The majority know how to use their computers they just have difficulty with the terminology. The following is a step by step video guide on several key topics.

Terminology, Browsers, search engines, and create shortcuts & Folders. Drag and Drop, where items and downloads are stored. Many of these things can be learned but are disregarded because of more immediate interests. Learn More On This Topic……

Is My Hard Drive Bad?

The question I most frequently get asked is how do I know if I have a bad hard drive and I assure them that I test every hard drive before I do the work. I have been using one powerful and simple to use tool and that is Hard Disk Sentinel. The main reason why is I bought this software about six or seven years ago for $30 and have tested more than 900 hard drives on that one lifetime license. Easy to use even for a beginner, it takes 2 minutes to install and automatically tests all of your drives so when it opens it looks like what you see below. learn more…..

hard disk sentinel software image
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Sony X950G 85″ Inch TV: 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV with HDR and Alexa Compatibility – 2019 ModelSize:85-Inch

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