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I Love Tech!

Hi, I’m Ron The Geek! I am fascinated with technology and because I love tech and I never get tired of it. is a self-help website that has answers to questions that I am routinely asked. I figure what better way to answer everybody’s questions in one place.

This is a growing website but I am certain it is beneficial to everybody. Click on the YouTube logo on one of my many videos at and you can leave questions or suggestions.

Windows 7 Has Expired

Doesn’t it feel like the death of Windows 7 is like a healthy person dying. With over 50% of the businesses world wide are still using Windows 7 but Microsoft says it’s time to move on.

Many of these businesses will pay a very severe price for not updating in time. When an operating system comes to the end it really puts a strain on businesses.

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Many People are Fearful of Computers

If you’re afraid of your computer you are not alone, I can assure you have lots of company. But have no fear I want to reassure anybody fearful of their computer that it won’t Blow Up! People that have fear of a computer breaking will not use it. By watching the following video and learning the basics is the easiest way to get comfortable on your computer very quickly. Practicing some very basic tasks builds confidence like nothing else can. Once you learn the basics of how to use a computer, it becomes a friendly sight, not an intimidating one.

I encourage anybody out there to use their computers more and overcome any fears they may have. Watching this video will help you overcome any fears. Be sure to check out other helpful videos at