Can I Reset Windows 10 Without Internet

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Can I reset Windows 10 without Internet, yes and it’s not that difficult. It’s more than likely a corrupted operating system but have no fear. I have a solution that even a novice can do.

See Video Below if Windows 10 Does Load

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Do This If Windows Attempts To Load But Doesn’t

Very Important About Resetting Windows 10!

Very Important: Be aware If you choose the “KEEP YOUR FILES OPTION” “YOU WILL STILL LOSE “PROGRAMS” THAT WERE NOT ORIGINALLY ON THE COMPUTER. So make sure you have any license keys for software you own SAVED before you reset your PC. If it will not load there’s really no choice in the matter but to reset.

Step One

Turn the computer on and when it starts to load Hold Power Button Down until turns off. Repeat 2 or 3 more times and the third or 4th time it will go into automatic repair mode and it will start diagnosing then attempting to repair the computer. Please be patient on this step or sometimes you have to repeat these steps. After diagnosing and attempting to repair it will land on 2 choices.

Step Two

2 choices will appear, Choose an Option “Restart PC or Advanced Options” choose ” Advanced Options “.

Step Three

Then you will see 3 Choices choose “Troubleshoot” and then you will see “RESET THIS PC” and then you will have a choice of “Keep My Files” or “Remove Everything”. Remove everything means it will restore to factory state when originally purchased.

Resetting while keeping the files takes about an hour but to remove everything (All Data) will take several hours.

When The Computer Attempts To Start Windows

The previous steps work if your computer attempts to start windows but doesn’t. If your operating system does not attempt to load Windows 10 then you need to load a fresh version of Windows 10. I always recommend to at least try to do this method first no matter what because there could be a recovery image on another partition. Use the Media Creation Tool to create a bootable disk or flash drive for a Fresh Installation. If your operating system attempts to load but won’t the following will fix the problem.

WARNING: a corrupted operating system can also be an indicator of a bad hard drive. If that is the case then you probably will not be successful in resetting your PC. If the hard drive is bad it will behave erratically after loading, if it loads at all. Test The Hard Drive First Not Last!

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You Don’t Need A Computer Tech: Do It Yourself Video Guide

A Computer Tech Do It Yourself Guide

You Don’t Need A Computer Tech: Do It Yourself Video Guide teaches how you can fix your computer yourself and How to reset Windows 10 from your desktop. The majority of today’s tech does not require technical knowledge because of software that does it for you. Formatting and testing hard drives was a monumental task that took days and was expensive but that is no longer true. Now because of Hard Disk Sentinel it takes a couple of minutes.

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